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Michelle Herrick

I am a tried and true Gemini. I am a mother of 4, a photographer, a foodie, an expert at bad spelling and occasionally kind of funny (or so they tell me).

I have had a camera in my hand las long as I can remember. Always the "documenter", always the girl at the party that wants to make sure the fun stuff isn't missed. I used to get on the floor trying to get all these creative angles with my little 2 mega-pixel point-and-shoot. My husband was forever asking me to just put the camera down and enjoy myself.

I got my first DSLR camera in 2006. I quit my event coordinator job a year later. I have had plenty of fails amidst my successes. After almost 10 years years I can finally say I think I have it sort of figured out. You never REALLY have it figured out.

I have achieved personal and professional goals and continue to make new ones all the time. I am blessed and honored to be doing this, honestly. I remind myself all the time.

My business partner is my best friend and husband, Brendan. He picks up where I leave off. Sometimes that is just in reference to the condition of my desk but most days I mean my sanity. Oh and he's pretty good with a camera...and a client. We run this business together along with my talented team of photographers and editors.

I never planned on being a photographer. I never planned much in my life to be honest. I like it though. I like people, I like to hear their stories. I have learned that we are all connected in so many more ways than you can imagine. People are cool, I just want to take their picture. If they can leave a session feeling like having a photo taken is actually pretty "okay" ( bordering on fun dare I say ), then fantastic. Let's do this. Have camera, will shoot.